A battery is very important as the vehicle would not be able to work, sort of acting like the central nerves system but for a car which runs to every electrical feature from the bulbs to the vital sensors that keeps the engine running.


If the battery is not holding its charge properly and is weak, this can cause it to give the incorrect voltages to sensors causing the car to run incorrectly. 

There are many different type of vehicle batteries made for light or heavy vehicle use depending on the engine size of your vehicle and how much CCA (cold cranking amps) is needed to crank the vehicle over in the cold. the CCA is important in countries where it gets cold. The rating refers to the number of amps a 12 Volt battery can deliver at -18°C for 30 seconds while maintaining a stable voltage to start the vehicle.


The alternator which is a component that converts A.C (alternating current) to D.C (direct current) meaning it uses the engines rotational energy to convert it into electrical energy keeping the battery charged and all electrical systems running as they should under load such as windows, heaters, radio and many other components. The alternator can also cause electric problems and put the battery under strain if it does not hold a correct voltage of around 14.6 Volts while running, and 12 Volts when the vehicles engine is off. If these figures are off by even 0.5 Volts then there could be a problem with your cars battery or alternator which potentially can cause electrical problems.

Red Alley Autocentre will test your battery and alternator to make sure they are holding the correct voltage to keep your vehicle running safely in the hot and cold!