An exhaust system is an important component that act's like the lungs for a vehicle, as when the air comes into the engine, the burnt fuel and air mixture then needs to be exhaled. If the exhaust system is not working properly, it may give your vehicle bad fuel efficiency and make noises from what could be anything from a blockage, a hole in the exhaust from impact or rust, or even the mounts that give your exhaust the suspension it needs could be damaged. Your vehicle can fail its M.O.T if it has any of these problems. If you experience funny smells, loud noises or fumes inside the vehicle which causes headaches, then you might need to get your muffler changed.

So, before you change your whole exhaust system, come here to Red Alley Autocentre, where we will be able to give your system a full check, repairing what needs to be repaired as sometimes it can be a quick fix saving you time and money!