Engine Service

A vehicle engine runs by metal components inside that rub together thus needing lubrication other wise the engine will wear severely over time damaging vital components such as piston rings and the bore where the piston moves for its stroke cycles causing your vehicle to smoke heavily and eventually seizing if left neglected for too long.

If the vehicle is serviced regularly, it boosts your safety, as a serviced car will be safer to drive than one that appears to be neglected. It also maintains the value of your vehicle as a car with a full-service history will always be worth more than one that doesn’t, but most importantly, your engine will run smoothly and increase the engines efficiency reducing your fuel consumption


Red Alley Autocentre will make sure we drain all your old oil and get you the highest standard service parts from our suppliers and correct oil and amount your vehicle needs on the same day!

We also provide a quick oil and oil filter change which will take 15mins or less depending on the vehicle for customers who service there vehicles more regularly than what manufactures recommend to keep the engine running smoothly.