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Your tyres are the most essential part of your vehicle as it’s the main contact connecting your vehicle to the road, with the contact point being around the size of your palm. The tyres must be in good condition meeting Health and Safety and British Standards regulations. Tyres provide your vehicle with acceleration, cornering and most importantly braking by gripping onto the road. If your tyres are deteriorated causing cracking, worn anywhere on the vital contact points, then this can seriously reduce the grip essential for your tyres!

Another importance is your vehicle's tyre pressure's, as not only does it support the weight of the vehicle, but also acts as a shock absorber, reducing the vibrations produced from the road surface. If the pressure is incorrect, the vehicle will have improper balance which could cause it to pull to one side when accelerating and braking and potentially can result in losing control when cornering. Or if its overt pressurised, you will end up stressing suspension components as the tyres aren't dampening as they should.

There are many different styles of tread on a vehicle, all made for different road surfaces and weather conditions coming with at least 7mm of tread. A vehicles tread is designed to grip the road surface and guides water away from the contact surface keeping the grip your vehicle needs in all weather conditions. In the UK, it is mandatory to have a minimum of 1.6mm, but here at Red Alley Autocentre, we encourage customers to get them done earlier as 1.6mm is a very low tread, with 3mm being a safe low tread limit on a tyre. If you’re caught by the national services with less than 1.6mm of tread, you can receive 3 points and a fine of up to £2500! So come over to Red Alley Autocentre and we’ll guarantee you will walk out feeling safe with the tyres on your vehicle.