Wheel Alignment and Tracking

Is your vehicle pulling to one side? Are your tyres wearing out unevenly? Or is the steering wheel out of alignment? If so, then your vehicle most likely will need tracking.

This happens when the vehicle constantly suffers from being driven on rough surfaces that can slowly but surely throw the wheels geometry out, causing the wheels to drag, wearing out the tyres unevenly and stressing out steering components by reducing the rolling resistance of your vehicle.

If your vehicle has suffered from an impact such as hitting the curb, this can also throw your wheel alignment out meaning you will either need to change steering components such as track rods or in worse case suspension components such as wishbones.

Here at Red Alley Autocentre, we promise to extend the life of your tyres and suspension components by properly aligning your vehicle with out state of the art machinery helping you save money on fuel and guaranteeing your wheel geometry is angled correctly giving you the rolling efficiency your car needs!